Monday 1 July 2013

MaxScripts: Wayne's Nitrous Tools & Wayne's Morph Renamer

A couple of maxscripts that you guys may find of use.  The first is a one I knocked up this morning to make life a bit easier to control the Nitrous viewport in 3Ds Max.  Consider it a basic version 1, as its got the things I personaly need / want there.  (Other stuff will be added later / as I get time.)  Its pretty self explanitory to use, simply bung it in your scripts / startup folder and add to your UI.  You will find it under the catagory 'Wayne Robson'.

The second is for those that attended my second End User Event lecture.  It is a life saver for those who use mudbox in a blendshapes workflow, it removes the 'Shape' text tag from all morph layers making life a bit easier from a workflow perspective.  (Mudbox add's the text 'Shape' to every blendshape on export which can screw up transferring of animation data).  Its nothing world changing, but a nice handy little script you just need to run when you need it.