Wednesday, 29 May 2013

'Me' :::: Digital Double Work in Progress

The Digital Me

Well I'm calling the head part of this done, there are a few things I could change but chances are I will whne I do the rest of the image anyway.   This is the 3rd attempt ata  digital double of myself that I am happy with over the past year.   The first I was way too flattering with myself and by the time I 'fixed' all the things I dont like about myself, I came to the conclusion it was no longer me.  Which is an intersting lesson to us all that it is the inperfections that make us who we are.

The 2nd was using old refernce images (as I was working in dublin at the tikme and didnt have time to take any more) and as a result that version looked ten years younger and a whole shit lot slimmer lol.  So as a result that one went the way of the Dodo as well.

This version is sculpted in mudbox from the old default mesh andf taken to 8.2 million polys.  It uses 4k maps or diffuse, bump and spec (plus a few tweaked variations of these) in a stacked layered vray skin shader inside of 3Ds Max.   Lighting is with full GI and only some very basic colour corection and depth of field added in post in photoshop (seen below in the centre is the render without any post work.)

Only 2 extra passes were renderd out a reflection and a wirecolour pass (usually I've use a multimat material and a gbuffer ID but for some reason it didnt want to work today, so I fell back onto plan B).

Mudbox Sculpting Process
Above I've stuck quick image of the different stages of the sculpt in Mudbox for those intersted. At they moment it doesnt have animatable tlopollogy, although I doubt I'll need it as animating my own head seems a bit redundant and a bit of an ego trip too far lol.

I do have an image in mind for this, and hopefully I will find the time to get that final as well.

I should also take this oppotunity to remind you all that creating digital doubles is the subject of my 1st lecture at the EndUserEvent on the 26th June this year in Utrecht Holland.  You can find more at