Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Autodesk CAVE Las Vegas Lectures

A digital double of my mate  Joe Courtis 

I'll be lecturing in Las Vegas next week at Autodesk Cave (that runs alongside Autodesk University).  I'll be doing both a hour long lecture on a new way to create a film quality digital double in 24 hours that's ready for rigging.  That's bound to have one of two reactions, disbelief or anger. I'll also be doing a shorter talk covering the work I did on the Ripper Street 'Fossy jaw' shot. That was challenging for a number of reasons and covers some pretty advanced stuff from a workflow, pipeline, sculpting an anatomy point of view.

The Ripper Street 'Fossy Jaw' shot from series 2

There will be some stuff included in the main lecture from the film Last Days on Mars (Which opens in cinemas a couple of days afterwards), and will show load of both client and personal doubles I've done over the last couple of years.  I can promise the main lecture will be something special as shows new ways to do something that currently can be a time and money sink in production.  I also knocked up a digital double of Mr Joe Courtis a good mate of mine from over at Screen Scene and a compositor working over there.  Joe thankfully let me do a digital double of him to help demonstrate a lot of the workflow 'things' for the main Vegas lecture.

I probably wont be covering the details of the hows and what fores of this workflow outside of Vegas for a considerable time as to be honest I know it will prompt a lot of questions and queries that I simply do not have time for these days.  The beauty of my way of approaching digital doubles is not only is it very fast but it works with the artist as opposed to against them as other workflows sometimes can. It means any decent sculptor can then knock out a digital double fast.

The bottom line is in these lectures I'm going all out to show just part of what I have spent the last few years doing.  Hopefully I wont get lynched for daring to come up with a new workflow lol (coz lets face it it has happened before lol).

Cave is at the Venetian Hotel complex in Las Vegas and there is a terrific line up of other lecturers and speakers there. I hope to see some of you there.