Tuesday, 12 April 2011

This is not the post you are looking for.....

No doubt your all busy playing with the new versions of Mudbox, Maya, 3D Max and Softimage etc that were released to public a short while ago. For me the Mudbox and especially the 3Ds Max release were really strong this time round. If time allows I'll do a few vid's on each with some interesting stuff in them.

VIDEO LINK (Coz I'm not uploading it yet again!)

I was asked a short while ago to take part in a viral campaign the 3dmax team instigated called 'I'm max' (You can see my particular video, which is one of many, above). As it was a weekend and my kids were off school this meant dragging my chroma rig (the travel version not the full George Lucas orgasmatron version) to my brothers while he was out and setting up, filming the piece against the green screen (with no lights as mine had went 'bang! some time back and I haven't replaced them yet), packing up and getting everything back home, keying and editing and grading the footage and uploading to their server. I managed it in just over an hour and was a serious rush job to get it done.

Things have been progressing on my short, I'd love to say smoothly but that would be a blatant lie lol. But progress of any kind is good and I've got about 4 shots done up till now and have mainly been doing the environment stuff for it. There are a lot of funny and not so funny anecdotes I can dine out on for years once it's done that's for sure. Until now the shorts costs have been ...wait for it....£25. I don't foresee at the moment it rising much higher than that as most of it is down to software I already have and skills I either already have or have needed to brush up on, the main cost is time though. Every waking moment I'm not working on a project for someone else is spent on this short, stress is not as high as you may think as I know one way or another this will get done by the end of June supposing I have to move fucking mountains to do it. (There's a private joke in that last line.)

Today and for the next few days I'll be tracking, , colour grading and otherwise making look awesome the back plates I had done. (the awesome part is meant in irony as at this stage nothing is set in stone, hey for all I know it could turn out shit.) Although looking at these plates it'll be a shame to have to down res them to 720p as they are beautiful shots and exactly what I need. Now I do still have a few holes for the short that I haven't been able to either block out or fill at this stage, but I'm crossing my fingers those will sort themselves out over the coming weeks.

Should I, by any miracle, have time left over for my deadline I will spend that time making it look as good as humanly possible. This is the one thing I've done in CGI and film making that I want as near perfect as I can humanly manage in the time available with a budget of £25. I will tell you one thing about it....it's not a horror and it's not going to be a 'monster fest'.