Wednesday, 15 October 2014

New Album coming soon: Super Copper Nanotube released under the name 'GSMA'

My new music album released under the name 'GSMA'

I've just Submitted my 6th album in 12 months a few minutes ago.  I'm releasing this one under the name GSMA and its entitled 'Super Copper Nanotube'.  Its a dark techno album, so I decided to separate the different styles of music I release into different artist names to save confusion.

It has a running time 1 hour 30 mins, and you may notice one or two well known voices once it is released. ;)  As you can see I couldn't resist some terrible puns in the song titles...

The Track listing:

1 - Deathsticks (Junkie Wan Kenobi Mix
2 - Amnesiac
3 - The Manson Prototypes
4 - Techno Pills
5 - Techno Time Off 
6 - Techno Pity (Digeri Dont You Fucking Dare)
7 - Funky Notation
8 - Techno Calls
9 - Techno Prisoners
10 - Techno Substitutes
11 - 8 bit Boobies
12 - Countdown (The Generator)
13 - Gimp Suit
14 - Super Copper Nanotubes
15 - G.S.M.A.

The red GSMA logo was designed by my good mate Eric de Broche of Luxigon Paris, the cover itself sketched out on my phone in Cafe Nero during my lunch hour today.  The album should be out as soon as apple, google, spotify etc all pull there fingers out.  (So say any timeup to a month lol)

(Now the chemical symbol for copper is 'Cu' and nanotubes are usually abbreviated to 'N.T ...but I highly doubted I could have got away with releasing an album called Super****' lol.)