Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Wayne Robson RIP

Apprently I am dead and have been since the 4th April this year, although I have to admit that I'm looking pretty good for a dead guy. I shall of course be sure to eat brains and hang around deserted shopping centers shouting 'BRAINS!!!'. I am pleased that death has not impeaded my ability to type. Although my wife has pointed out that I am looking a bit odd after 2-3 months of only sleeping 2 or 3 hours a night. When they say long hours kill ya they aren't fucking joking, I've been so busy on my short I didn't realise I was dead lol. It also explains a sudden fear of shotguns. :)

OK so you got me...I'm not realy dead. However did you guess?

But my namesake the Actor Wayne Robson is.... so as he shared my name, or visa vera depending how you look at it and how big your ego is (guilty lol) I thought he deserved a special blog post. He was the sort of obbing actor who never won a pile of awards, he was just a guy doing what he loved and did well. He's in all sorts of things and a BIG pile of the old disney movies. Like me he didn't always see eye to eye with the system as it stood / stands. It was a odd feeling reading about someone wiht t same name as you being dead I wont deny. However at least now we won't get mixed up on google anymore lol.

This does inspire me to go all 'Jet Li ' in the film'The One' on your asses. (Where he kills all other version in other universes of himself. ) Hey I always did like where's my sword... :) (After all there can be only one). :)

But cutting aside my sick sense of humor for just a moment, quite simply to the man who shared a name with me:
Wayne Robson, Rest in Peace.