Thursday, 22 May 2014

A special Happy 70th birthday to my Dad

Painted for my Dad's 70th birthday by me.  (acrylics on canvas)

I haven't painted in twenty years... I didn't realize it had been so long.  I wanted to give my dad something special for his 70th birthday (which is on Monday 26th of may), and I realized if you really want to give someone something unique then you have to put yourself out.  So I did.

I painted this freehand over the course of 2 nights this week in acrylics on canvas using a fine, a wide and a medium brush.  It only the 3rd painted portrait I have done .... the others back in the pre 3D days were a one of Harry Houdini (which still hangs in my ex's house) and an unfinished one of Jimmy Hendrix which ended up being destroyed. I used to mainly do landscapes....

So anyway I figured it was time to round up an easel, some paints, some brushes and crack on with it.  Madly enough I wasn't worried or nervous about screwing up as I wanted to impress my dad, and so have painted this portrait a thousand times in my head over the last few months. This was IMPORTANT to me so I knew I would get it right.

For once I believed in myself, and was certain I could do it.  I'm glad I was right as my dad's face was a picture to see on Skype when I showed him this evening (as both he and I will be away for my birthday on 23rd may to 26th and my dad from his birthday on the 26th for a few days.)

My mother was over the moon as although she knew I was planning on doing it she hadn't seen it.

I owe my parents everything I am and my dad especially as always been there and bailed me out of various crap over the last 42 years of my life (43 from tomorrow lol).  So I found it fitting to pay him back the one way I could from the heart.  I call it 'the gifts of my father'.

Of course now I have the painting bug back again and realized how much fun it was there's a damn good chance I'll do more.