Thursday, 13 August 2015

Fantastic Four

I'm guessing as this films been released now that I am OK to mention that I worked as lead lighting artist on it.  I haven't seen it yet, and given recent reviews of it you may be assuming I am depressed or very down about the whole thing. However this missed the entire point of both VFX or working in computer games.  An artist will have zero input over anything other than the job he is contracted to do,and no should he or she.  So my reaction is the same as it'd be if it had won a boat load of Oscars.

You do your job to the best standard you can given the constraints of time, resources and money.  You make sure that your job is done to the best standard it can be. That's it...nothing else about a film or show or game should concern you.

I'd like to add that I had a wonderful team of guys both under me and alongside me at MPC in Montreal, and met some fantastic people.  So now we all have the dubious accolade of having worked on 2015's Fantastic Four film, which shall always be good for a bar story. :)  I cant really go into details about what the specifics of my job or what sequences I may or may not have been lead on... maybe at some point I'll be able to.  (Unless of course its sunken in 100 feet of concreted by then lol...*joke*).

New Album Released and a Book Published

Its been a very busy week here in Wayne Towers (otherwise known as my office).  Its sen both the release of a non 3D, non art , non music book by my alter ego and pen name (that I try to keep separate as possible from the 3D and art side).   I have to admit being somewhat pleased with that. It wont be the last book written under my pen name, with more penciled in for release soon(ish).

It has also seen the release of the film I was working on while I was over in Montreal ..the Fantastic Four.  Before you ask...No I have not seen it yet...and for anyone #curious as to my reaction it'll be exactly the same as for anything else I have worked on.  As VFX and game artists our job is to make sure our stuff looks as good as time money and resources allow.  The rest is of no concern. But I'l mention that properly in a separate blog post (as makes for better click bate lol).

GSMA's second Album  - "The Dark Library"

GSMA "The Dark Library"

I have also just released my 7th commercial album in about a year and a half  / 2 years.  Its the 2nd released commercially under the name GSMA and is called The Dark Library.  Its very different from anything else I have released and it could be argued sees the creation of a new style of music that is a cross between heavy metal  / thrash and techno.  I'll put some links up below to both free to listen to Spotify version and the paid versions (as music doesn't get made for free..electricity etc costs money.)

The song titles are:

1 - Dead by Dawn
2 - Ishmael's Groove
3 - GSMA Vs Rev Jim Jones
4 - Bible Black (The Black Mass)
5 - The Blue Line
6 - Goodbye Stone Sun
7 - Wake Up
8 - Consensual and Legal
9 - H.A.R.D.
10 - Incognito
11 - 8 Bit Paradise
12 - Paranoid Pete (ALARM)
13 - Messed in the head (Having a breakdown)
14 - Thrash Bastard

As usual every song title has a meaning and some songs contain certain things coded in for those clever enough to work them out.  Some obvious seriously not.  So there are songs in a fair number of musical styles in this one.  (I should point out that yes..I am STILL working on my classical album, its about 1/2 done after about 2-3 years, so don't expect that to appear soon.)

So you've got everything from songs with an anti Rape message (Consensual and Legal), to ones feature the Rev Jim Jones, the man behind the Jonestown massacre, to a song featuring parts of a 1936 Black Mass to ones covering various aspects of mental health issues (Those ones should be fairly easy to work out by their titles. LOL).

So sure to give it a listen. Everything is played , composed, mixed and sound engineered and mastered by me.