Thursday, 6 October 2016

What I've been doing for the last year - Working for Chaos Group

A year ago I started working for Chaos Group as an external contractor. I work on the documentation for 3Ds Max, Maya, Modo, Nuke (and a bit of Sketch-up). I cant really give any further specifics on exactly what that entails, apart from its a team effort and it allows me to bring to the table the experience I have in a great many areas. What I can say (for clarification purposes) is that I DO NOT work on the code side of things in any way.

Up till now, only a very small amount of people / close friends have known, but I felt after doing this job for a year that the time was right to let people know. (After checking first obviously lol.)  They are an excellent bunch to work for and its one of the favorite jobs I've had in many many (over 2 decades) in 3D.