Sunday, 19 April 2015

4 New Paintings

My version of The Joker

Before I left my Home town of Consett for Montreal (where I right now ready to start at MPC as Lead Lighting Artist tomorrow morning) I did three paintings in three day that I wanted to get doe but hadn't gotten around to due to commissions  The last one was my version of everyone's favourite psychopath...The Joker.

I wanted to blend the cartoon, comic book, TV and film versions of the character into one design.   have to admit I am pretty pleased with how this on came out.

Jimi Hendrix
On the second day I did his one for Jimi Hendrix and wanted to change my usual style to add in a little bit of cubism influenced stuff. This one may be getting turned into a 10 feet tall mural at some future point one I am back in my home town.
"The Triumvirate"

The 1st day was this painting of me and two very good friends from my Dublin days and beyond. I did it as a surprise out of the blue from a photo taken at a Dublin nightclub a 3am last year. It wasn't going to be seen publicly until they both insisted that I show it.  Steve, Sarah and myself still meet up whenever our schedules allow.  This painting is not for sale and 'stays in the family'.


This was a commission from Jurgen  of him and his brother as a present for their mother Petra. I apologise for the dodgy quality of the photo, but I forgot to put this one on a drive before I headed to Montreal.