Monday, 13 July 2020

New Song & Video: Racists Liars and Thieves

This is a highly political song that I sat on for 10 months since I 1st wrote it last October, before recording last week.  I am quite aware some may not like the political themes in this video one bit and that it may even cost me some friends.  So I really was in two minds about releasing it, but in my opinion in the end was that any musican who is afraid to stand up for what they believe in is no musician at all. But to be 100% clear: I stand by every single word in this song.

But please bare in mind that while it may pertinent for other countries, it was wrote primarily about the british political system and right leaning media over here.   Where the right of the political system and media have shouted down anything in the middle ground or the left side of politics for years.  When in reality all sides are used in a political game, because nothing fears politicians (of any side) more than a united populous.

Gear used:

Faith Venus acoustic,
Gretsch Alligator resonator
An Old bass I bought for £20 years back
C1 condenser mic
recorded on a Boss BR800 digital 8 track and mixed and mastered in Reaper.

The slide guitar tone waas got in a rather roundabout way. I 1st miked it up using my condenser mic (I would have also used  my SM57 but I only have one mic stand lol.) then I added to this in reaper a MXR dynacommp, 2 delays and reverb.  This gives it a slightly 50's style, slighty overdriven sound.

The acoustics were double tracked with one being a direct out from the guitar to a Fishman preamp and the ther being from the condenser mic.  Vocals, all the harmonies etc were recorded seperately as I didn't want it to sound 'too perfect' using a plugin.... and of course no autotune.  The harmonies were actually an accident as I did 6 vocal takes and while producing and mastering it had a thought 'I wonder what it sounds like with all 6 voices!'  I quite liked it but didn't want it over the entire tune so kept it to a few select areas.

Vocally this is the 1st time I've done any singing since March so my voice is a bit rougher round the edges than it used to be.

All guitars were tuned to open D by the way.

So what is it about?

Well.... its pretty straight forward (and a side note if you are politically on the right and find the content offensive...good.... its a good job you didn't hear the 1st version I wrote back in October it was FAR more biting.)   It basically is pointing out here in the UK the huge right wing media bias and the fact that people are being lied to every day to keep people at each others throats. To keep tyinto make racism acceptable.  Personally I don't trust any politician (no matter what flavour) as they are all either racists, lairs or thieves (hence the title).  It also touches on the fact that just because a voice is loud, does not make it correct.

The video was done with some long hours in after FX as I wanted to try and do something different for this one (plus the kenitic type idea may end up being the default for any future music videos so you don't have to look at my ugly face.)

Now I have that song out of my system I can move onto my next one waiting to be recorded......  not political in any way...but all kinds of fucked up shit in the lyrics lol.