Thursday, 26 May 2011

Hours and Hours of Free Videos

As some of you know my lifes been ...well....'complex' and rather depressing of late. In fact it has sort of went what my brother would rather politely call 'totally fucking tits up'. I desperately need drive space for my short, am flat broke and cannot afford a new one and every god damned DVD writer in this house (all 8!) have went the way of the dodo, I thought I'd do the sculpting world a bit of a uncharacteristic favor. This is probably my last gift to digital sculptors as a hole and mudbox users as a specific group. I doubt I'll be able to do something like this again for a variety of reasons.

Tonight I am releasing hours upon hours of free videos in probably the bigggest free video release (length wise) ever (as time is short right now I haven't even counted how many or how long in total)...simply because I need Hard Drive space. There is a bit of everything, stuff from way back in 2008 that never saw the light of day publicly for free to stuff from the end of last year.

Please remember many of these videos do not reflect my current skills and put out simply as its either a case of delete them or put them out for free.

Plus as I have now officialy killed of the mudboxhub on demand stream service (zero chance it will restart in the foreseeable future) anything not packed up into dvd's goes into this free video release. Athough MudboxHub's forum is still open.

This is not just stuff for mudbox, this applies to all digital sculptors, yes even zbrush users can get usage out of these videos. So if you like them, remember the best stuff is on the dvd's you pay for. So don't pirate those DVD's or it's a it like giving me a very big fat slap in the face.

Enjoy and pass the word around as I dont have the time to do it myself this time around as life is 'complex' right now. I will includde them in a simple list form (there are hour upon hours of stuff in the list that I'll let you all discover for yourself).

Here's the list get ready , coz its a bit long......
To make sure everyone that needs these videos gets then I expect every man and woman to do their duty and ensure word gets arounnd. That is my only price, that one simple favour.

Also remember the many existing free videos are still knocking about various places as well for those new to sculpting that may not have seen them.

Reducto videos meant for release but never seen when copy protection was simply to expensive for me to release it.

displacement theory (or what you didn't know you needed to ask)

The old original wave 2 (the version I never released a full 2 years before the final Wave 2 featuring ‘the dentist’ surfaced) pt 1 pt 2 pt 3

Wayne' solid gold Tip

Hard surface Retop and UV's pt 1 pt 2

Texture Color Space for Compositing

Vector Displacement tips

Wayne's Tips #1

ReTopology Theory

Brush practice routine

Siggraph 2010 outtake video: idiots guide to trepanning

Personal reference videos from the Victoria and Albert museum London V & A 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 1