Monday, 20 May 2013

The Big 1 Million and the Bigger 4.9 Million

I very rarely pimp my youtube channel on my site or blog, in fact apart from the occasional video or time lapse I let people come across it themselves.  But as its my birthday on thursday (23rd May) it sort of hit me as I am at the time of typing only 73 views away from 1 million official views on my youtube channel, its sort of as good an excuse as any.

Now its probably unofficially way more than one million as about a year back I deleted about 300 videos that ironically were the ones with the most views as I thought they were not indicative of the current quality of my work.  And doubly ironically as there are still plenty I detest that are ancient that I never got around to....

So head on over and there is all sorts of sculpting stuff, time lapses the infamous 'Waynecasts' (best viewed with the reminder they are meant with tongue firmly in cheek).

For those of a curious nature theres been 495,000 views also on Vimeo on one account (I'm buggered if I can find the details to my alternate account at the moment....  And from the beginning on that account there has been 4.9 million views since back in March 2008.  on to of this there are bloody videos on all sorts of other places on the net that aren't counted.  So While its not exactly 'Gangnam Style' its not bad for some videos on Mudbox and of me rattling on like a senile old sod.

So I suppose nearly 6 million (that I can check on at the moment) is not bad really.

...and if your wondering I am 42 on thursday which according to douglas adams book 'The Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy' is of course the meaning of life. ;)