Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The Day Shit Went Badly Wrong

you may detect more than  a wee bit of stress in my blog today.  Just thank your lucky stars your not in the same room as me running around like a headless chicken after a day when things have went from fine to 'absolute shit storm'.  As you'll have guessed if you have read previous blog posts I've got to pop over to Vancouver for 4 days or so to lecture at Anomaly (http://anomaly.cgmovement.com/).  I am due to leave the house about 6.30am on Thursday morning.  it is now 6.36pm on Tuesday so I have tonight and tomorrow to have everything ready before I walk out the door.

..and to think it was all going so well...   

I had  what I was going to cover all sorted and files ready for final round up  onto my external travel drives, I had my clothes all ready to iron and pack, nice lists made of every damn thing I need to take. 

Then today happened.  let me list just some of what has went wrong since I got up this morning:

A - 2 T drive with all files on goes boom and is unrecoverable (looks to be fried by dodgy power supply)

B- I end up going all the way to Durham to get money changed with the wrong damn card.... was so tired after long hours putting apps back into formatted and repaired laptop that I picked wrong one up)

C - Have had to Lend my wife Kat's
big ext drive...if that blows up I may as well emigrate to Siberia!

D- Its going to be another 'cutting it way to fine' pack and sort out of files...which I was trying to avoid.
E-Oh and having to copy /transfer terabytes of data over to make enough room on my smaller travelling ext drives for all the files I need! 

So now I have to copy so many files its ridiculous over to my bigger external drives from the smaller ones I was using to store old projects and videos I've recorded to make space.  I've also had to delete my own personal HD copies of all the QuickStart videos and every DVD I've ever recorded.  This is going to take well into the early hours to make enough space to ram as much of my files as I can onto them. So while my lecture is easy to re-sort out the files for, the 6 hour sculpting demo is sort of in the lap of whatever passes for gods in this dimension of ours.  Somewhere in all this I have to find time to do my final warm up sculpts as once I am in Vancouver I won't  have sculpted for 3 days (Thursday, Friday and till 6pm when the sculpting bit starts on Saturday).

My dad always says that its times like this when the shit is hitting several fans at once..that sort the men from the boys.  So I'll manage as I always do, yes probably a bit higher on the stress scale than usual, but I'll manage because that's what I do.  I'm an artist, I make art and no bloody stupid wall of stress is going to stop that. Although 1st thing I intend to do in Vancouver once unpacked etc on Wednesday afternoon is head out somewhere for a drinkies that night...I'll deserve it.  So if you live round the Robson street area of Vancouver on Wednesday night, do not be surprised to see a slightly jolly fat English bloke wandering round smiling. :)