Friday, 20 June 2014

Some Random Thoughts

Some of these are serious, some are not. Just a few bits of advice that may prove useful to people.

  1. If you do not feed your creative side how can you expect it to be creative? Even a car needs petrol/ gas 
  2. Also I you are older than 30 and ask a stupid question I will then treat you like a five year old with brain damage from then onwards 
  3. If you are afraid to learn new things then please fuck off out of 3D as some of us are busy trying to improve things ;) 
  4. I see the aim of good software as freeing the artist not replacing them. Augmentation not replacement 
  5. Making software for idiots that automates stuff to bringing it to simply button pressing is not the answer. Innovation for innovations sake is not the answer. It must serve a purpose to the artist. 
  6. But in my view it must be sympathetic innovation and not just for the sake of 'ooh shiny things!' Hire innovators not followers of trends 
  7. If there is a trend ..I will avoid it as that means its already too popular and bordering on cliché. Break moulds prepare to piss peeps off 
  8. Facts often get in the way I a good software promo in many cases. Disturbing trend. 
  9. Developers should not wall artists I in 3d software. Allow things you can't see a reason for. As someone will. And it may be revolutionary. 
  10. Ask yourself the questions that seem too silly to count. A good artist knows when to be a child again. 
  11. Mind you a good artist should also know where the neared bar is and best pizza place as well lol 
  12. I remember a quote from a Gutenberg book on da vinci from his notebooks.. "An artist works best I a tiny room, not a large one". Which does indeed seem to be true. ..always has been for me. Maybe I should move my rig into a bathroom lol. some of best work I ever done has been done in tiny box rooms. Too large and ideas seem to lessen. 
  13. Greatest skill I ever learned was how to brainstorm with myself 
  14. I have been told I am 'weird' as I listen to techno and house music first thing on a morning at work. Really? Makes motivational sense to me. 
  15. Science backs me up on this apparently: Alcohol for inspiration, caffeine for getting shit done. 
  16. There are still a lot of stupid people out there who judge a book by its cover…. Judge people by their actions and intelligence not how they look, talk, or the religion they believe in or the country they are from.