Thursday, 17 October 2013

6.2 Million Views

I did a quick check  a few minutes ago on my overall video views on Vimeo, and I got a helluva shock... when combined with YouTube its up to just a shade under 6.2 million (6.199).  Which isn't bad for videos on a pretty niche software (allegedly).  I was only checking as I was waiting on something here at work.

This means either:
1-  There is a Chinese family of 4 spending day and night watching my videos who thinks they are a weird western soap opera...
2 - More people are using Mudbox than anyone thinks.
3 - No one is using Mudbox but for some reason they like watching videos on it.
4 - That by trying to be low key and not post everything on forums all over the net I have actually managed to do the exact fucking opposite by mistake lol.

Pretty sure about a year ago my views were at 2 mill or so..... either way that's a helluva jump in  1 year! (A year in which I haven't done as many videos ironically).  Its also rather interesting that vimeo now is providing me with far more watchers than youtube..... interesting and didn't see that one coming.