Thursday, 25 October 2012

Need a job? Then keep reading..

Pretty isn't it? but has nothing to do with this blog post lol

OK we have a different sort of blog post his time.  I'd currently 3D lead here at Screen Scene Dublin and they need a few extra people before much longer and have asked me to put the word out.  No I am NOT going to tell you what the project is or even what type of thing it may be.  Also I'll let you do your own research on Screen Scene..remember Google is your friend here.  So look at the list of roles below and see if there is anything to fit you.   

You must have an EU passport, be available, be a hard worker, know your shit and not be a totally annoying dick. (I already fulfil that role lol). 

So if you have the skills and want to prove it  then here's your bloody chance!

Worth remembering is that some skills go beyond a simple list, such as the ability to do what your told, the ability to work on your own imitative and find unique solutions to unique problems.  3D wise familiarity with 3d max and VRay would be nice.

3D Generalists (modelling, lighting, texturing, animation sculpting, shading...any combo or even any additional skills as well)

3D Lighters (vray would be especially helpful)

3D Animators (no I am not telling you what sort)

FX guys (Excellent fume, Krakatoa, particle flow knowledge etc would be a serious advantage)

Matchmovers (you must have top skills BTW... you can bet we will check)

The more skilled you are at our job and able to show this the better.  Although many levels of roles could be available.... I can't possibly comment ;)

If you want to know a bit more about working in Dublin as a 3d artist etc then I am on writing a special blog on this called 'The Man in Apartment 12' (that's me by the way) that may be a useful read.  You can read that here:  Now it's worth bearing in mind that I slowly dive people crazy and that my ability to invent whole new swear words while working, singing along with my music and dancing about can annoy after a while. 

But on an honest level I'd say this is a great place to work and the 3d dept at the moment I'm the lead of I would without doubt put against any guys or girls in the world on a pure skill level.  There are no ego's at Screen Scene so if you are a prima donna who cannot take criticism then this may not be the job for you.  Also a sense of humour helps as does the ability to get on with people.   I should also warn you that it is 4 or 5 flights up and there is no lift... you'll get real fit real fast working here.  Oh and did I mention the pubs? No? the I'll let you find out all by yourself if you are lucky enough.

Those whose work I know or who I personally think are more than capable and dependable will also get my  recommendation added as well. Nepotism? Yep but also good sense from a business level for Screen Scene.

To apply simply send an email to this address (or directly to screen scene if you prefer)