Thursday, 18 December 2014

New Painting: Leadbelly (Commission)

This painting isn't for sale as its a commission piece.  Its a one of early blues legend Leadbelly over the course of 2 days. What made this painting interesting was the fact the canvas was to big for my easel, so it meant I had to paint the whole thing sideways! (This is show in the process below).  This created its own special kind of hell as it meant painting a lot of the time with my head bent sideways meaning I have one helluva sore neck today lol.

My neck hurts so much from this!

I still have 1 or 3 paintings to try and fit in before Xmas for presents yet, which will be tight but I should manage it.  The worst thing is my mother wants one of her done for her Xmas present....but my mother hates having her photo taken.  plus due to her 'advanced' age there is no chance she could sit for the length of time it would take.  So I may have to frog march my mother in front of a camera lol.

This painting was seen by the person who commissioned it last night and approved, so I can now show this one (it was finished about 8 pm last night), it gets delivered this evening by which time the paint should be dry enough.  

If I don't get a chance before Xmas to post another blog...I wish you all a very Merry Christmas.