Friday, 1 September 2017

Unemployed again

I've already mentioned this on Facebook and Twitter but felt I should expand on things a bit here.  On Wednesday I was laid off from Chaos Group. I've spent the last two years (maybe slightly longer...I really haven't counted to be fair) working as an external contractor on the documentation for them on V-Ray for 3Ds Max, Maya, Modo and Nuke.

Its a job I've enjoyed greatly and there are no hard feelings about losing my job from either me or them.  In fact I rank them as joint best people I've ever worked for (with the other place being Screen Scene in Dublin).   The job meant I got to see features well before they made it to the public eye and will always remember the 1st time I tried out the Denoiser and the Cryptomatte among other things.

The job meant I also got to work from home (which is important in this point in my life as I don't really want to be working away on the other side of the world with two children, a fiance and two elderly parents who are not in the best of health.)  I'd recommend them as employers to anyone.

So if you were reading this blog post expecting me to be angry, upset or basically just stir some shit, your dead wrong. sorry to disappoint you. :)

Time allowing I may well also record a YouTube video before I head out this evening clarifying things for those who only watch my videos on that platform.  So it means at the time of writing I am without a job, without an income and as such looking for as 'corporate types' would say 'my next challenge'.  Luckily after well over 20 years in 3D with vast experience and a somewhat extensive skill set I am hoping that I wont be sitting on my backside jobless for too long.  Keep your fingers crossed for me.