Tuesday, 14 May 2013

End User Event Teaser

Digital Double of my Dad

A small teaser for one of my two lectures at the End User Event this year.    The full description can be read here: End User Event .   As a small part of one of my lectures I'll be covering using scan data (which usually I fgind is pretty crap).  Being sick to death of having to clean up dodgy scan data over the years here at my office at Academy FX I have been settings up a unique 3d scanning technique.  There is nothing like it anywhere as its a hybrid system of my own devising.  Click on the image above to see the full res image from one of my test runs.   One thing that makes this system so special is not only does it give good results... its very fast, provides a full map set and its portable.

I suppose I should mention that an animation freindly retopped model pops out the other end as well as the maps sets etc:)

This is a tiny part os what I will be covering at the end user event on digital doubles, with more on my unique facial mocap system (and how anyone can set up a very similar one...minus the 'secret' stuff of mine of course) and how to achive a likeness when having to sculpt a digital double by hand.

Now if I could just get my bloody website for Academy FX up and behaving itself I'd be far happier. (I did say I'd get more done once in the office... tip of the iceberg ;) )