Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Last Days On Mars : Mini Breakdowns

A few animated  Gifs showing breakdowns of a small selection of the shots from the film Last Days on Mars that I was 3D Supervisor for here at Screen Scene, Dublin have surfaced over on www.edwardbruce.com. For any clarification feel free to get in touch with Ed on twitter @EdBruceVFX.  Although as 3D supervisor all 3D shots always had to go through me, I'll only mention things I directly had a hand in (there is far more cool stuff from this to come in April BTW).

Lead VFX Supervisor Adam McInnesPeter Hartless VFX Coordinator, Keith Mason VFX Editor. Sarah Mooney, VFX Producer, Amy James & Nicholas Murphy, VFX Coordinators and Kenneth Coyne, VFX Production Assistant. 

The main 3D Team I was lucky enough to have were:

John O' Connell
Garloff Langenbeck
Daniel Rath
Giacomo Cavaletti
Martin Naydenski
Yanko Slavov
Glen Southern

Also lots of credit should also go to the matte painters and Comp Department run by Grainne Freeman

So without further ado here's some images all from Ed's site I cant go into too much detail about what and how things were done but I can post a word or two:

Lighting, placement etc

The main rover R and D Shot that everyone worked on at one time or another....  

Martins epic dust storm

1st shot I was responsible for lighting

lighting, placement etc by me, dust storm by Martin

Martins epic dust storm again , (I just did a few sculpted mountains for collisions on this)

digital doubles are mine done in 1 day each, lighting and Rover animation by John O'Connell

Digital doubles, lighting

Lighting, dust etc by Garloff Langenbeck

'The Pit' one side sculpted by Myself, One side by Glen Southern, Lighting by me

'The Pit' one side sculpted by Myself, One side by Glen Southern, final pass and lightingby me

Lighting wheel dust by Daniel Rath, 3d tracking by Yanko Slavov

Lighting, placement by me, matte painting by Lino Khay

Lighting by Giacomo Cavalettie

99% of the wheel dust was done by Garloff, and most of the 3D tracking by Yanko. Rover model by Daniel Rath

Those of you heading to CAVE in Vegas in December will notice a few of the load of digital doubles I did in the above shots.  At Cave I'll be outlining the next step on form the workflow I used on Last Days on Mars to create digital doubles fast and to a high quality.