Monday, 16 January 2012

As of now all my Mudbox DVD's free .....

People have said alot of nice things about the 14 DVD's I've released over the years and they continue to sell. As I own copyright on 10 of them (and to be frank the other 4 are so old they are useless to anyone except an archaeologist lol) I have decided to put my entire range of DVD's out for free as my gift. No signing up for a forum...and no restrictions on where you can add them. I've always said that when I do well I try to spread the good fortune around in some way and as this year so far has been fantastic... so...well you all get a late xmas present ;)

It always seemed a pity to me that the majority of my videos can't e seen unless you bought them or are already a Mudbox user. While some people worked out ages back most are just as useful to Zbrush sculptors as Mudbox users, But a lot of people without the spare cash to buy them missed out, and relied on either piracy or the free videos. Now let's not kid ourselves that this is an easy undertaking...this is a massive logistical undertaking that I have dropped like a H bomb on Cris who runs about 30mins ago. He took it well without passing out at all lol.

Getting the ones that are not on servers uploaded and out is going to take a little time, but it's already started. So tonight the 1st DVD's goes 'From the Ground up: Wave 2' the Dentist, hard surface sculpting by hand in Mudbox. Vol 5 of the Mudbox Masterclass series 'The Minotaur' and an oldie but a goody the siggraph 2009 masterclass. Those are the ones I can find right now on the server and the only reason why these are up 1st.

Bookmark this as this is where my entire DVD range is going one by one for free!

1st FREE DVD: Mudbox From the Ground Up Wave 2 'The Dentist'

2nd FREE DVD Mudbox Masterclass Vol 5: 'The Minotaur'

3rd FREE DVD 'Autodesk Mudbox Masterclass Siggraph 2009'|

Autodesk Mudbox Masterclass Siggraph 2010 also coming (with parts never seen.)

Also while I'm at it I have removed some of the older time lapses and tutorials that I feel are just too old or not good enough to stick around. Sorry but I do have some sort of quality control lol. I would say that remember the last DVD I recorded and released was about 2 years back so remember these are not indicative of the current quality of my work. (if you spread them around I would ask you to point that out please as the last thing I want is old work been seen as my current work regardless of how good or bad it may be.) There will be a lot of hours worth of DVD's here that would have cost you a fair old penny to buy.

So as of now I consider the DVD format for tutorials dead. For me it dies tonight and the only place you'll be able to see my classes is either by taking part in the FXPHD MOD301 and MOD302 courses or at live events.

I told you there would be some changes this year ;)


Once they are all out I'll be organising things onto a bit better.

Just to make it clear, this isn't some promotional gimmick where they will disappear in a set length of time..they are free now for ever..until either planet earth explodes or a zombie apocalypse kills us all lol. Also these DVD's were making money right up till this morning. Coz if your going to give someone a gift its best to make it worth something. No I'm not doing it for some glory thing as I honestly don't have time to pimp this over half the bloody internet. if your lucky you may see one or two posts , but only if I have time. I'm relying on the users to promote this amongst themselves as I'm way to busy right now.