Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Poster for Danny John-Jules 1 man show & UE4 tests

A few things of late that I've been up to:

1st up here's a poster I designed a while back for Danny John-Jules one man show, which starts in the UK this october.

...and also some test images from a Unreal Engine 4 level I'm using as a testbed for some shader work to nail the perfect workflow for use of Gaea assets in both a game and visual FX pipeline.  The idea for this was to use only a very simple set of geometry and let the shader do the heavy lifting.  

I've been Awarded Autodesk Expert Elite Status

I forgot to mention that about a month back I was awarded Autodesk Elite Status. This is rather cool and it allows me to help out people with some of my somewhat extensive experience.  Things have been rather busy on the personal front with my father having to have a serious spinal operation (hence why I didn't mention it until now.... I've not had a moment to myself till recently.