Monday, 14 March 2011

'Bedlam' TV Series Burning Man Model

Click on image for fuill sized 1080p version. All rights on this image are reserved by the owners.

The above is a model I did for the guys at Space Digital for the TV Series 'Bedlam' shown on Sky Tv over here in england. Without going into too much detail they asked for a partly burnt male head ( it had to be anatomically correct for the burning stuntman see throughout the episode who story wise it may or may not be and have white eyes.) This firstly meant matching the stuntman seen 'burning' in the episode in a high res sculpt in mudbox before taking this detailed mesh and creating the 'crispy barbeque version'.

It also meant working with some seriously nasty reference material, looking at dead burnt people is not my idea of fun but if you are to model something you must have appropriate reference material. The Model, textures and shader set up were done by me...basically everything but the composite itelf into the shot.

After spending over a week with the references of various burn victims and corpses I needed a bit of a break from scary stuff for a while. Needless to say that although reference material of that sort isn't my favorite thing in the world to work with, it is essential if the model was to be both belivable and correct for a body burnt for that length of time. The last thing I wanted it to look like (or them) was a big black lump of charcoal. So this is how a human head would look if burnt for the period of time set out. This was then camera matched to the back plate (a dummy in the burning skip BTW)

Eventually when they have time the lads at Space Digital have promissed to sort out a video breakdown of this short shot, when I have it I will of course stick it on here.