Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Wayne's 2015 Year in Review

Its that time of the year again when I do my review of my year, I'd thought before working back over the last years blog that I'd actually done not to much of interest really in comparison to other years ...boy was I wrong!

My year started with me flat broke, life was sort of in a good place on a personal level but career wise fairly fucked.  But the year took off as it continued onwards only for me to be hit with a few sets of bad news on the personal front which side tracked me away from the 3D personal art side this year.  So as a result I've only done Four 3D models this year, although obviously many many more than that from a work point of view.

So lets breakdown things into months as it may be easier.


After doing 4 or 5 solid days lecturing at the University of Herefordshire in Hatfield going for an interview for a 2nd job at another MPC branch that I turned down....

The notable events were the 15th anniversary of the main site and also I got so mind numbingly bored one afternoon that I wrote the game 'Flappy Dildo' which of course was a piss take on the game Flappy Birds.  What can I say? I have a weird sense of humour and it was a VERY boring day lol.

I also did a fair few paintings including the inverse painting of Keith Richards


February was a 'paintings' month as at this point I'd been surviving on painting commissions for the start of the year. I also did a one for the Help for Heroes charity to raise money at an auction.


I decided to record a few tutorial videos for YouTube as I was bored and had a bit of spare time...

I did Two painting commissions for Neil Hazzard of Autodesk a one for the British Army and a self portrait as I had an extra canvas going spare at the time and lots of red paint I needed to use up.


In April I moved to Montreal to work as Lead Lighting Artist at MPC  on the Fantastic Four film.... which I still haven't seen.  As I knew I'd not have my easel or paints I sort of went a bit mad on paintings this month before I left finishing on just 24 hours before I left.


Unfortunately due to some serious health problems of someone back home in my family I had to give up my job at MPC and move back to my home town.  This meant coming back deeply in debt up to my eyeballs, but sometimes you have to put family first...for once I did.

I also released my 7th commercial music Album under the name GSMA called The Dark Library (available on all good streaming services..a few shit ones and Amazon and iTunes)

The 1st trailer for the Fantastic Four film I worked as lead lighting artist on came out this month as well.  while in Montreal I'd started watercolour painting again after about 20 odd years....

This one was for my work mate John Volny I was working with at MPC montreal

 another few paintings on canvas as well...


Only a single painting this month a commission of Heath Ledgers Joker


After another few months busy with both personal life stuff and work for a client I cant mention I did a commission for Ste Hall who happens to run my favourite bar in the world (The Turf in Consett, my home town) of blues legend Robert Johnson as an Xmas present for his wife Juliette.

So with just 24 hours or so left of 2015 my tally this year was:
 (of the things I can tell you about outside of any NDA's)

30 paintings (one never case your interested it was a acrylics on canvas one of my girlfreind)
1 music album release (The Dark Library by GSMA)
1 game made (personal)
1 film made (Fantastic Four)
4 3d models (personal ones  - mess arounds only as no time for anything serious)
6 YouTube tutorial videos on all sorts of 3D stuff
1 video time-lapse
1 painting time-lapse
1 music video (Dead by Dawn by GSMA ...which is one of the names I record under)

So all in all I've been very busy this year... although when I take into account the personal / private side its been a year of epic ups and epic downs.  My classical concept album was also STILL not finished and is now about to run into its 3/4th year of composing and recording.)

So I give you all my best wishes for 2016 and wish you all a very Happy New Year.

onwards and upwards ;)


Monday, 28 December 2015

New painting: Blues Legend Robert Johnson (Commission)

Its been a fair old while since I updated my blog, but alas a lot of what I am doing work wise at the present time I cant actually mention.  So there's not a whole lot to talk about.  I was asked to do the above painting as a commission for Ste Hall as a present for his wife Juliette (Ste and Juliette run The Turf favorite bar on earth).

On other news I still haven't watched the Fantastic 4 film I worked as lead lighting artist on ... although my children have bother requested it and a blue ray of it is now in the house.  So I may not be able to resist much longer. (I rarely watch anything I have worked on or play any games I ave contributed to either... usual a personal thing as I find all you end up doing is remembering the crazy stories etc from when you were working on said thing. :) )  So if I can avoid watching something I've worked on...I usually do...although in this case I may not be able to manage that without my kids being disappointed lol.

My review of my year (such as its been) will be up at some point before new years eve.