Thursday, 19 February 2015

How to Paint Darth Vader..The Hard Way

The Final (still. wet and unsigned) painting

The original 'Inverted painting'

I felt the sudden urge to paint Darth Vader last night when I got in at 11.30pm, I decided to start it as an inverted 'invisible painting (see my Keith Richards one for more details on inverted 'invisible paintings), and then develop this into the final 'proper' version.

So if there is a hard way to do it...this would be it.  I also was requested to do a time lapse of this one...although it was requested when the painting was already at the 'inverted' stage.  So for those banging on about wanting to see a timelapse of me you go , last chance as I'm selling my cameras very soon.

...and also here's a few very rare pictures of me painting in my painting room...for once not covered in paint.

the inverted version

Sorting out the mask

Doing the arm folds

thumbs up...all done