Tuesday, 30 September 2014

I'm Leaving Rockstar North

Finally some 3D news from me for a change! (Yes it has been a while hasnt it? )

I made the decision a couple of weeks back to leave Rockstar Games,  As you may be aware I've been working as senior environment artist at Rockstar North in Edinburgh since march.  The decisions to leave is mine, and it is for very personal reasons.   What I will say is that it's in no way due to anything in any way to do with Rockstar or my job, or the people I work with.  I've had a wonderful time  at R* and  I am very sad to have be leaving.

But this is for a very private & personal reason that I will not be discussing. Period.  What I will say is it is not related to my health before any Chinese whispers start.  (I'm still the same irresponsible crazy bastard I always was).

I've had a wonderful time at Rockstar North and have made lots of new friends and spending time in Edinburgh.  So I'll be going back to freelancing for a while (into next year at the very least, maybe longer.)  This gives me time hopefully to sort out some personal things that mean I could not confidently give 100% to a  full time position.  I was intending to keep this very low key, however the fact I do wish to eat means I have to make it a little more public than I would ideally like to lol.

So... 'Hi Ho, Hi Ho, its back to freelance we go!

My last day at Rockstar North will be the 24th October, then I shall be moving back to Consett once more and will be #starting looking for freelance work from the start of November. I'd like to wish everyone at Rockstar North all the best for the future and say how much I have enjoyed my time there. 

So the many of my old freelance clients... take note, Wayne's back on the scene again for all those crazy jobs no one else thinks they can do.   ;)