Friday, 16 January 2015


After 10 years of 3D I looked like your not seeing one from earlier lol
I am reliably informed today that it is exactly 15 years since I started DashDotSlash as a company.  I'd already been doing bits and pieces of freelance stuff for about 5 years or so before that... Hence I am now officially an old fart of 3D.  I think the years have been rather kind...

Me after 20 and a bit years of 3D... could be worse :)

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Todays 3D doodles

A few more dick around's from today. A game res / real time mountain and a ....well..I've no idea what that fucking thing below is actually... Just shaking of the last few months of cobwebs.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

You wait nearly 2 yrs for some 3D personal art & you get two lots in one night...

Yes it has been  a very long while since some 3D stuff hasn't it?  Thought I'd better kick my arse back into gear and do some personal stuff... So this is a re-sculpt ad re-texture of a very very very old model of mine!  I started this afternoon with a doodle of a star wars Battle droid....for shits and giggles...(you can see that at the very bottom...and please don't take it seriously..I don't its only a doodle coz I wanted to see what it'd look like in green lol)

The creature is 10k polys uses a single 2k map set and a single shader and this is a game ready model...well it would be if it was fucking rigged etc!  Here's a few alternate angles.

..and for those terminally curious what my dicking around doodling in 3D looks like: no idea of poly count but again single 2k map set and single shader.

so there you go, some 3D art for a change.

Monday, 5 January 2015

Invisible Painting: Keith Richards

The original Painting and the inverted negative image.

I've been dying to try a painting like this since I 1st thought of the idea last year.  I call it 'invisible painting', let me  explain why... The idea is that you look at the painting for 30 seconds then stare at a blank wall (preferably white), only THEN can you see the painting...when your not looking at it.

Another image to illustrate how the painting looks after staring at it for 30 seconds and then at a blank wall.
What you see above is an inverted image of the photos taken of the painting.  To give you an idea of what it looks like when you see the 'invisible version'. I hope that makes as much sense as I'm hoping it does. It meant painting the whole thing meticulously in negative and keeping a VERY sharp eye on details and how the paint falls with the tooth of the canvas.

So there you 1st 'Crazy painting Experiment' :)  Lets just say I am rather pleased with myself that it didn't turn out a total mess lol. I figured it was time to start really pushing some boundaries with my paintings from time to time this year... I still have a few other crazy idea to try at some point, as well as some more 'normal' ones. Oh!...and Happy New Year.


I thought I'd add this while its still fresh in my head. Having to flip all the whites and dark's after spending so long getting good at that was like a person putting a food mixer in your head and switching it on.  I spent most of last night and all of today on it as I knew for  a certain fact if I split it into too many sessions then it'd turn out crap. I had to maintain the flow of the piece in order for it to have any chance of turning out the way I wanted it.

So as a result I am mentally and physically wiped out.  I see in my future a long lie down and maybe a celebratory pint this evening. I have no idea what I am now going t do with it lol.

Secondary Addition:

The reason I chose Keith Richards is a simple one.  As a musician myself the true genius of Keith Richards isn't his image, the way he looks, or the stories that abound about him.  To truly understand you need to not  'look' but listen.

Third Addition:

Oh and nearly forgot... one of my songs got played on the radio on Saturday ngiht on BBC Radio Newcastle....which is nice.

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

My Review of 2014

Wayne's Review of 2014

2014, a very interesting year for me.  From a work point of view a good year, but on a personal level a little less than awesome.( was absolutely fucking terrible!  I seriously cannot wait to see the back of 2014...) I'm not going to go into too much of that however as my personal life is just that...personal.
But I think I need to break this into sections for the sake of clarity lol. (I hadn't realized how much I had actually done!)

Work 2014

The Secret Stuff
The year started positively doing remote work for one of the biggest companies around (not games BTW) in secret on a project I cant mention or even probably mention the name of the firm.  What I can say it was very cool and should that NDA ever be lifted I of course will put it here... It was one of a few very big firms I did work for on the quiet behind massive bible sized NDA's this year.

The videos

Ripper Street Series Two Breakdowns 

The Fossy jaw shot is one I did when I was working back at screen scene along with tracking By Yanko Slavov, Comp by Joe Courtis, and all sorts of clever stuff by John O Connell.  I'll be proud of that shot till my dying day. My work on it sculpting the Fossy jaw digital double, texturing it etc, setting up shaders was all done remotely from my office at the time in Leadgate. I to this day have never had the reference that was created in the same room lol.

Moonfleet breakdowns

Another screen scene job, this one done on site for TV Movie 'Moonfleet' (which was nominated for  as VES award for "outstanding supporting visual effects on a broadcast program".)  I did all sorts of stuff on this from a shed load of digital doubles (including one of Ray Winstone) to even rigging said digital doubles. I also wrote a full set of python tools for the comp dept while there and also did work on the diamond mine crowd stuff for Ripper Street series 2 at the same time.

Last Days on Mars breakdowns surface!

Nuff said...took a while but it eventually was released and things were allowed to be shown from my time as 3D Supervisor at screen scene.  A time when I had a fantastic team of people to work alongside.  A time of many happy memories.

My 2014 Reels

Logos for TV series 'Easy Riders 

Done for my mate actor Danny John-Jules (ie the bloke who played the Cat from Red Dwarf...and lots more).  I also did the logo for anther project called 'Diva'

Joining Rockstar North as Senior Environment Artist

I joined the biggest games company in the world and had a chance to work on awesome stuff i cannot mention (ever!), meet some amazing new people and live in Edinburgh. Alas I had to leave Rockstar due to serious stuff in my personal life meaning I couldn't confidently have given 100%.  The whole thing was done in secret with no one knowing until I was 10 seconds away from walking through the door on my 1st day lol. (Which I am oddly enough rather proud of.)


In 2014 I released 3 commercial albums (one a reissue of stuff for the 1990's), having released 3 the previous year in October.

Album: This is Bat Country!


Spotify Link

An album of crazy electronic based stuff with a title that was meant  as a joke to a couple of mates of mine.  The title comes from Hunter S Thompson and the film 'fear and loathing in las vegas'.  One of the tracks (The Great Magnet) was much to my surprise voted as 3rd in the top ten electronic tunes of December! (link)

Album 'Hobbs Lane'

A reissue of an album of mine from either  1995 or 1997 (I honestly cant remember). All acoustic and most of it recorded in a single night. No electronic stuff at all.

'SuperCopperNanotube' (released under the name GSMA)

Spotify Link

iTunes Link

I decided to move all electronic music to another name from this point.  This album was a album of Dark Techno. It was done for a few reasons... one as I like techno and also to see if I could force myslf to write in a single style for a whole album.  (I often jump around musical styles like an overactive hobbit, covering everything from classical compositions to jazz, to heavy metal, to EDM etc...)

R & D

Project Suerat (high density accurate pointclouds from your phone).  

A very promising side project that ended up mothballed once I joined Rockstar North as senior enviro artist in march.  There was interest from some companies about acquiring it  / licensing it, but once I joined Rockstar that had to be abandoned. I may pay this back up in 2015.

MudWalker X2

The one where it allowed you to send models not just between apps but between machines anywhere on planet earth.

Experiments with Google cardboard

....nuff said.

3Dsmax to Mudbox to a painting R and D.

well that worked very well indeed!

Other stuff:

The End of the Waynecast's

After 150 'Waynecast's on YouTube I finally brought the curtain down dropping the 'persona' I used for the videos and covering some serious things. There were many reasons, one of which is people started to get the persona mixed up with the real me.  Also it seemed the right time.

I Started Painting again after a 20 year absence

I hadn't painted for 20 all started with the crazy idea of doing a painting of my dad for his 70th birthday.  It sort of steamrollered onwards like a juggernaut from there.  I avoided the style that comes naturally for 20 yers ass to me it was too easy to replicate..I fought against it for two decades until I realized.... its how I am meant to paint.So I'll just add the paintings I've done so far this year.

I'll leave out the Robin Williams charity auction painting as that'll just confuse things. It did however raise money for the Samaritans.

So here are the paintings so far including the one I have just finished of my mother for her xmas present.

Interview in 3D Creative magazine

Its amazing how many people thought those images digital doubles were 3D scans..HINT: they weren't lol, they were all hand done.  It was unfortunate that I had to fillthe interview with old images as the majority of the things I had done in the previous 2-3 years have been for clients.

The Crappiest non personal thing this year:

Moved back to my home town and all my computers and computer gear and Wacom tablet blew up the same due due to a mega surge...I was not insured.  The Wacom had actually started to melt.  This all occurred the day I moved in!  Thousands of quids worth of gear lost. In fact I am only just starting to get back on my feet now.

...and in Ending.....

 Here's some links to some of my VERY FRANK thoughts on 3D, Art and Digital Art to maybe provide some food for thought over the festive period.

Wayne's Thoughts on Art Part 1

Wayne's Thoughts on Art Part 2

So on that note, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a fantastic 2015.


Thursday, 18 December 2014

New Painting: Leadbelly (Commission)

This painting isn't for sale as its a commission piece.  Its a one of early blues legend Leadbelly over the course of 2 days. What made this painting interesting was the fact the canvas was to big for my easel, so it meant I had to paint the whole thing sideways! (This is show in the process below).  This created its own special kind of hell as it meant painting a lot of the time with my head bent sideways meaning I have one helluva sore neck today lol.

My neck hurts so much from this!

I still have 1 or 3 paintings to try and fit in before Xmas for presents yet, which will be tight but I should manage it.  The worst thing is my mother wants one of her done for her Xmas present....but my mother hates having her photo taken.  plus due to her 'advanced' age there is no chance she could sit for the length of time it would take.  So I may have to frog march my mother in front of a camera lol.

This painting was seen by the person who commissioned it last night and approved, so I can now show this one (it was finished about 8 pm last night), it gets delivered this evening by which time the paint should be dry enough.  

If I don't get a chance before Xmas to post another blog...I wish you all a very Merry Christmas.

Saturday, 13 December 2014

New Painting: Sid James

As a kid the actor Sid James was a total hero to me.  Something about the characters he played just made me think he was awesome.  While he's best known as an actor in many carry on films and Hancocks Half hour, he did a whole lot more and had a long and varied career before his life ended on the stage of Sunderland Empire (which is about 13 miles or so from where I live at the moment).

This painting is already spoken for, and it was painted over 3 days with acrylics on a 50x60cm canvas.  I put a number of progress images on my facebook account, as people have asked me if I use stencils for my paintings.... my reply (while usually contains many swear words) basically comes down to 'no' as that would not to me be 'art' but more like colouring in you do as a kid.

Sometimes I block out a piece digitally and then use this as a reference when painting, other times I freehand it. In this one for example my mind wandered during the 1st session and I badly screwed up one of the eyes which I spent most of today putting right.  The hardest trick if I am 100% honest is making sure the edge lines are correct and also as sharp as can be....  This can be very tricky on a canvas these sizes that you cannot lean on.

For anyone curious the workflow I used in the time lapse of the Robin Williams painting is about the same as I use now, although I do vary it depending on how I feel and what the subject matter is, but the main constant is I paint hand....  I usually paint alone in my art room in total silence... I have tried putting music on but it distracts me i find. I paint best in mid afternoon and evening...mornings are a no go as my hands are usually shaking from the massive load of coffee I need to wake up lol.  Obviously this isnt good when you are trying to keep clean sharp lines.