Monday, 24 August 2015

Painting: Danny JohnJules (Cat from Red Dwarf)

Danny John Jules Painting of the Cat

A painting from a few nights ago of a mate of mine, Mr Danny John Jules who plays the Cat in the British TV series Red Dwarf in character.  Its 60 cm x 50xm acrylics on canvas.  Now Danny has said he will sign this if someone buys it...oh...and that will occur at the taping of the next series of Red Dwarf.
...So if your a red dwarf fan maybe this is your thing?

I'm sticking a £200 (plus P & P) price tag on it, so if your interested ping me on twitter or Facebook.

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Fantastic Four

I'm guessing as this films been released now that I am OK to mention that I worked as lead lighting artist on it.  I haven't seen it yet, and given recent reviews of it you may be assuming I am depressed or very down about the whole thing. However this missed the entire point of both VFX or working in computer games.  An artist will have zero input over anything other than the job he is contracted to do,and no should he or she.  So my reaction is the same as it'd be if it had won a boat load of Oscars.

You do your job to the best standard you can given the constraints of time, resources and money.  You make sure that your job is done to the best standard it can be. That's it...nothing else about a film or show or game should concern you.

I'd like to add that I had a wonderful team of guys both under me and alongside me at MPC in Montreal, and met some fantastic people.  So now we all have the dubious accolade of having worked on 2015's Fantastic Four film, which shall always be good for a bar story. :)  I cant really go into details about what the specifics of my job or what sequences I may or may not have been lead on... maybe at some point I'll be able to.  (Unless of course its sunken in 100 feet of concreted by then lol...*joke*).

New Album Released and a Book Published

Its been a very busy week here in Wayne Towers (otherwise known as my office).  Its sen both the release of a non 3D, non art , non music book by my alter ego and pen name (that I try to keep separate as possible from the 3D and art side).   I have to admit being somewhat pleased with that. It wont be the last book written under my pen name, with more penciled in for release soon(ish).

It has also seen the release of the film I was working on while I was over in Montreal ..the Fantastic Four.  Before you ask...No I have not seen it yet...and for anyone #curious as to my reaction it'll be exactly the same as for anything else I have worked on.  As VFX and game artists our job is to make sure our stuff looks as good as time money and resources allow.  The rest is of no concern. But I'l mention that properly in a separate blog post (as makes for better click bate lol).

GSMA's second Album  - "The Dark Library"

GSMA "The Dark Library"

I have also just released my 7th commercial album in about a year and a half  / 2 years.  Its the 2nd released commercially under the name GSMA and is called The Dark Library.  Its very different from anything else I have released and it could be argued sees the creation of a new style of music that is a cross between heavy metal  / thrash and techno.  I'll put some links up below to both free to listen to Spotify version and the paid versions (as music doesn't get made for free..electricity etc costs money.)

The song titles are:

1 - Dead by Dawn
2 - Ishmael's Groove
3 - GSMA Vs Rev Jim Jones
4 - Bible Black (The Black Mass)
5 - The Blue Line
6 - Goodbye Stone Sun
7 - Wake Up
8 - Consensual and Legal
9 - H.A.R.D.
10 - Incognito
11 - 8 Bit Paradise
12 - Paranoid Pete (ALARM)
13 - Messed in the head (Having a breakdown)
14 - Thrash Bastard

As usual every song title has a meaning and some songs contain certain things coded in for those clever enough to work them out.  Some obvious seriously not.  So there are songs in a fair number of musical styles in this one.  (I should point out that yes..I am STILL working on my classical album, its about 1/2 done after about 2-3 years, so don't expect that to appear soon.)

So you've got everything from songs with an anti Rape message (Consensual and Legal), to ones feature the Rev Jim Jones, the man behind the Jonestown massacre, to a song featuring parts of a 1936 Black Mass to ones covering various aspects of mental health issues (Those ones should be fairly easy to work out by their titles. LOL).

So sure to give it a listen. Everything is played , composed, mixed and sound engineered and mastered by me.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

More new paintings

new painting done a few days ago..

Acrylics on Canvas

...and some watercolors done while I was working in Montreal.
Breaking Bad /Heisenberg watercolour / acrylic mixed media

Nick Cave Watercolor done for my friend John Volny

Michelangelos David watercolour study

Bill Murray watercolour sketch

Michelangelos David 2nd Watercolor study

Watercolour of my Girlfriend Louise

Sunday, 19 April 2015

4 New Paintings

My version of The Joker

Before I left my Home town of Consett for Montreal (where I right now ready to start at MPC as Lead Lighting Artist tomorrow morning) I did three paintings in three day that I wanted to get doe but hadn't gotten around to due to commissions  The last one was my version of everyone's favourite psychopath...The Joker.

I wanted to blend the cartoon, comic book, TV and film versions of the character into one design.   have to admit I am pretty pleased with how this on came out.

Jimi Hendrix
On the second day I did his one for Jimi Hendrix and wanted to change my usual style to add in a little bit of cubism influenced stuff. This one may be getting turned into a 10 feet tall mural at some future point one I am back in my home town.
"The Triumvirate"

The 1st day was this painting of me and two very good friends from my Dublin days and beyond. I did it as a surprise out of the blue from a photo taken at a Dublin nightclub a 3am last year. It wasn't going to be seen publicly until they both insisted that I show it.  Steve, Sarah and myself still meet up whenever our schedules allow.  This painting is not for sale and 'stays in the family'.


This was a commission from Jurgen  of him and his brother as a present for their mother Petra. I apologise for the dodgy quality of the photo, but I forgot to put this one on a drive before I headed to Montreal.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015


On the Monday 20th of this month I am pleased to finally announce that I shall be starting work as Lead Lighting Artist at MPC Montreal working in the film dept.  This has actually been in the pipe for the last few months… I've just had to be very quiet about it ;)

What makes this special for me is that this is the 1st time I have been offered a job that I haven't had to provide a single reference or reel for, that I have got purely on my good name in 3D and visual effects and my experience,knowledge and my somewhat unique set of skills (and that I didn't get a foot in the door because someone I knew there thought I wasn't a complete dickhead lol.)  

So I shall be spending at the very least a year living and working in Montreal, as it happens just a few blocks from Autodesk.

So to all my friends in Montreal and those close by in Toronto I fully expect you all to have at least one drinkies with me ;)  I travel over a week on Saturday and look forward to meeting up with people I know over there, and meeting my new team.  

Wish me luck.

Wayne Robson...

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Painting Commission and a non commission one

Commissioned by Gary Featherstone

I was asked a little while ago to do a painting for an old old friend of mine Gary Featherstone as a surprise for his other half.  I was really glad to do so as I've known Gary a loooooong time and there are more than a few occasions in the long and distant past where he stood up for me when I was in my late teens.  (Because if there is one thing guaranteed to paint a huge bloody target on your head in a small town like my home town is to be making a shit load of money as an escape artist!)  So I have a lot of time for Gary and it was nice to be able to do this painting for him and his partner. Gary's also just became a grandfather for the first time very recently so he has all my best wishes and congrats for that. :)   

The painting was done form a supplied photo as Gary currently lives and works in Holland and I really wanted this one to be 100% perfect for him.  I was very pleased with the result and I think it has some of my best quality line work and line quality to date.

Horse ad Rider (from the statue in Durham market square)
This painting is one I've been planning and meaning to do since last June.  Its of the statue in Durhams market square.  It was a very challenging piece to do due to some very complex line work that was a constant balancing act to make sure it didn't all go wrong at the last minute. So I'm very pleased both with the result and the fact I've finally got it done and over with.


I forgot to add this commission that I'm allowed to show now that was done for a member of the British army