Saturday, 12 February 2011

New Site design live for

Well this is it, no turning back now, chances are that if your reading this there's a very good chance that you got here via (my main 'work' and portfolio sites) new redesign. The old design needed replacing as it had become less about the art and more about selling you stuff. I suppose I knew the time had came for a big change when I stuck the art t-shirts on the front of my site (as a joke by the way nothing more), alas people took it all a wee bit too seriously and more importantly some had got so caught up with looking at stuff to buy that they totally bypassed its entire reason to exist....the art.

Now that's not good, in fact as my sons favourite TV show (Charlie and Lola's Lola character) would say 'it's very extremely not at all good'. So something had to be done ...and sharpish

I had planned on rolling this new design out a bit sooner but alas I got caught up on models for 2 different TV shows, the teaching videos I was asked to do for and various other stuff for Project 2813 games. Alas there are only so many hours in the day and sometimes you have to prioritise a bit. I should be able to show stuff and outline about the TV shows in about a month once the second one has been broadcast.

On a side note I've been doing a bit more programming (Yes I know I said I was going to stop as it simply takes up no time for very little financial return, but this was a paid gig and I try not to turn down decent money lol). More of that once it's out as its for a non Autodesk company.

Also I knocked up in my dinner hour from programming the aforementioned 'thing' a new Mudbox plug-in called MudTidy. Now I warn you it's not going to rock your world, as it's a utility plug-in that creates in the same directory as your Mudbox scene file a set of folders for everything from maps, or reference images to FBX files to Maya and 3Dmax and Softimage folders etc. Basically it's to help keep things tidy and organised so you don't lose valuable assets at any stage. It was knocked out in about 40 mins and I may add a few things to it as I have time. You can get it for Mudbox 2011 (both vanilla and subscription advantage pack versions) for 64 bit only on PC HERE.

I stopped supporting 32 bit versions of Mudbox a while back as to be blunt using a 32 bit version of Mudbox is like putting a Skoda engine in a Ferrari lol. Plus every version I support, its yet another version of the SDK to have on my machine, and that's without getting into Mac and Linux versions. I may well do compiles for both those OS's at some point, but like all things it depends vastly on time.