Wednesday, 6 May 2020

The Watcher

So as I now finally have my 'mojo' back creativly after 7 or 8 years of dry spell, I tought I would drag out this model from about  8 or so years back that never got textured.  So I hand painted all the textures and created the scene and lit it (in VRay in 3Ds Max  BTW) in 23 hours... not 23 hours straight you undertand! Thats including sleep and meals and looking after y daughter and stuff lol

Its a 4k PBR texture set, SSS skin shader  and te hair (which you can barely see) isn't hair at all but geo /splines as I was lazy and I REALLY HATE doing hair in any 3D package lol.

yes...there iwll be more models /renders etc but I'm going to have a day or 2 off 1st. BTW I will also be taking part in Autodesk's 'Meet the Experrts' over on the area on Thursday 7th May (tomrrow at the time or writing.)

World of Warcraft Voidwalker redesign (teaser)

I'm on doing a personal redesign of the Voidwalker from World of Warcraft (wehich is keeping me sane during lockdown on an evening).  Here's a quick render of it.

All textures are hand painted. I'll add another more detailed post when I am finished.  I still have some shader tweaks to do and the final ighitng/ scene (which this isnt).  I've also had a request from someone at Epic Games to stick it in UE4 as well (so that is now on my todo list. AlthoughI should add thhis request was in a personal capacity from them.)