Friday, 9 December 2011

Busy as a Nymphomaniac Rabbit

It's been a strange few days to say the least. It's been like everyone and his dog want a piece of me and to throw opportunities at me. This of course is very good, but odd that it all comes at once. What makes is stranger is that I'm working on things at the moment that are different to say the least that I'll be showing some time early in the new year.

So over the course of 2 days alone I've had:

  • Interview thingy for 3d Artist magazine agreed
  • email from games firm sounding me out about a job
  • Finding out I'd been put forward for another job at yet another games firm
  • Agreeing to do some articles for 3D Artist magazine
  • and an email from LucasFilm asking me if I'd like to send them a CV.... (which for the record I don't expect to get)

On top of this the stuff I'm, doing for the FXPHD course I'll be doing next year has been going down VERY well with Mike Seymour. But I'll let that speak for itself once the time comes. There is also possibly yet another trip to Holland on the cards and might be speaking at the London 3Ds Max user group at some point as well. in fact while I may seem to be incredibly quiet on the image front of late I can promise you I'm working my arse off on a number of fronts. You'll see some nice stuff in the new year and I can promise as Monty Python would say 'something completely different'.

Sorry for the big tease but as usual some stuff I can't go into details about and other things I won't just at the moment.