Friday, 10 January 2014

Ripper Street Series 2 & Moonfleet Breakdowns


Today the Screen Scene breakdowns fairy has been busy and now I can put up not one but 2 new breakdowns.  One is from Ripper Street Series 2 that I worked on, the other from the sky TV miniseries 'Moonfleet' that I also worked on.  What complicates matters is that I was working on both at the same time last time I was over in Dublin.

Ripper Street

The Infamous 'Phossy Jaw' Shot I worked on that you have scene before

The diamond mine shot I worked on (I still wake up in cold sweats over this one)

Stuff of mine include the Phossy jaw shot, model  and sculpting to match supplied wax reference (this was done by hand as the wax sculpt was in Dublin and I was in my office in Leadgate at the time), and the diamond mine shot assembly, characters and crowds and crowd simulation and various set extensions.

and just to keep it all tidy, the more detailed breakdown of the Phossy jaw shot:


I did all sorts on this gig!  Ranging from the Digital Doubles of the two lead actors (Ray Winston and Aneurin Barnard ) the background doubles, to rigging and skinning these doubles, the hole in the ship, modelling and texturing the sails ready for cloth simulation; up rezzing various ship parts for the end destruction / beaching sequence to all sorts of jobs I cant remember.  This was done at the same time I was working on the Ripper Street Diamond Mine shot above and also writing a full tool set for the comp dept in python for nuke.

So all in all a busy time. For those wondering the wave and water stuff was done by John  O Connell, Garloff Lagenbeck. Eduardo Battman and Dan Woods

All sculpting done in mudbox, character texturing and parts texturing done in Mudbox, rendered in Vray in 3Ds Max 2012.

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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

1st Doodle of 2014

A quick doodle I did this evening.... 1st doodle  / speed sculpt of 2014.