Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Buy a painting of Red Dwarfs Danny JohnJules and get to get it signed at the next Red Dwarf filming

This painting is something special, as the lucky buyer (1st come 1st served, there's only one of them!) gets to attend the next filming of red dwarf and get it signed by The Cat himself, Mr Danny John Jules!

Luckily I know Danny and he has agreed to sign this and have the person at the filming of the next series of Red Dwarf.  So feel free to check I'm telling the truth with him on Twitter or Facebook etc.  So if your a fan of Red Dwarf, this might just be for you, a painting of Danny in character by myself (who has done a fair bit of 3D work for Danny over the years).

The lucky buyer would have the painting immediately shipped to them and then Danny would be in touch about attending the filming to meet him and get it signed.  The painting is 50cm x 60cm in size on canvas.

I'm sticking a price of £200 on it (non negotiable unless your wanting to raise the price lol). If your interested give me a shout either by email or on Facebook or twitter.

Monday, 7 September 2015

Painting Commission: Heath ledger as The Joker

A painting commission from my Cousin Nigel who wanted a Heath Leger Joker painting.  The hair was a right royal pain in the arse to do for some reason.