Tuesday, 18 March 2014

I am now Senior Environment Artist At Rockstar North

My New place of work

I'm sitting right now in Starbucks about to go in for my 1st day at my new job as the Senior Environment Artist At Rockstar North in Edinburgh.  I purposely kept the whole thing under wraps until the very last minute and only a few people I trust knew in advance.  So it means me leaving the VFX side behind at the very least for a considerable time, maybe for good.  So By the time you read this chances are I have already started work and have managed to move into a new place in secret.

It also means I will not be doing any freelance work (apart from maybe the occasional thing to help out clients or friends I know well away from the games side).  I remember losing a year of my life on the 1st GTA and GTA 2 on the PC... lol.

I wanted to put it in the video above which is the last of my video blog 'Waynecasts' I shall be doing along with a few other things to go out with bang.  I started the social experiment that was my video blogs 6 1/2 years ago and wight he changes that have happened in my life from the end of last year it seemed like the perfect time to wind up the story.  Its seen me go from a young guy with a baby living in a place called Langley Park with no future to now working at the largest game firm in the world.

So I may well be quiet for a while and the art work few and far between at least for a while.   This video is a lot more serious than usual and for once I drop the 'persona' and cover things like the real cost of working in VFX from a personal stand point, something that people often overlook.  So to those of you who enjoyed the waynecasts , thank you.... at the very least they hopefully entertained you from time to time.

Now I must finish this coffee and get to work..... (BTW don't ask what I am working on or anything about as I cannot tell you.)  But it already means to my son Kane that I am now instantly 2000% more awesome....and thats good enough for me.

Wayne Robson

Monday, 17 March 2014

Last Days On Mars Screen Scene FX Breakdowns

Screen Scene VFX on Dublin posted the VFX breakdowns of some of the work done on the film The Last Days On Mars that I was 3D Supervisor for.  It is missing some things I did on the film outside of the stuff for screen scene but shall be able to show that around the 11th April.  When I'll be putting not one but two reels up.

I'll stand by what we did on the budget and time we had until my dying day on this one.  Excellent times and I was lucky to have some very talented dudes working in the 3D Dept.