Friday, 16 January 2015


After 10 years of 3D I looked like your not seeing one from earlier lol
I am reliably informed today that it is exactly 15 years since I started DashDotSlash as a company.  I'd already been doing bits and pieces of freelance stuff for about 5 years or so before that... Hence I am now officially an old fart of 3D.  I think the years have been rather kind...

Me after 20 and a bit years of 3D... could be worse :)

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Todays 3D doodles

A few more dick around's from today. A game res / real time mountain and a ....well..I've no idea what that fucking thing below is actually... Just shaking of the last few months of cobwebs.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

You wait nearly 2 yrs for some 3D personal art & you get two lots in one night...

Yes it has been  a very long while since some 3D stuff hasn't it?  Thought I'd better kick my arse back into gear and do some personal stuff... So this is a re-sculpt ad re-texture of a very very very old model of mine!  I started this afternoon with a doodle of a star wars Battle droid....for shits and giggles...(you can see that at the very bottom...and please don't take it seriously..I don't its only a doodle coz I wanted to see what it'd look like in green lol)

The creature is 10k polys uses a single 2k map set and a single shader and this is a game ready model...well it would be if it was fucking rigged etc!  Here's a few alternate angles.

..and for those terminally curious what my dicking around doodling in 3D looks like: no idea of poly count but again single 2k map set and single shader.

so there you go, some 3D art for a change.