Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Re-releasing the 90's

The early and mid 90's were a mad and bad time for me.  I had no direction in life, I'd been homeless for a while and basically did very little of note in that time.  However one single 24 hour period stands out  It was either 1997 or 1995 (I'm actually not sure which but I'm going with 95 as its the later date, I could work it out precisely but that stuff isn't at my place in edinburgh).

I woke up one day and decided I was going to write and record an album.  At the time I had just got a house to rent after being homeless, I was let's put it politely a 'troubled individual' (as you see things when homeless that never leave you.)  I sat down and in what was probably the most musically creative nonstop 24 hours of my life I wrote and recorded an album that I later released.

It was called 'Hobbs Lane' and only featured  me on guitar, me on bass and me on drums.  No electronic stuff... just each instrument played live in a single take.  At least half the songs were written while I was recording them...I'd lay down a guitar track then work out what the bass was doing..what the drums would be doing and what the lead would be lol.

So to cut a very long (and probably boring story to everyone else) short, I decided as its now either 17 or 19 years old that it deserved a proper full remastering and release.  In fact my intention is to release two version ... one will be a vanilla full remaster I've done myself (one of my many skills).  While the other will be putting in all those instruments I wanted to at the time but couldn't play yet. (Now I can it only seems right to finish the album properly lol).

So I've uploaded 3 tracks from the Hobbs Lane remaster.  Enjoy...because in many ways at was at this point that not just my music...but also my 3d were born (as I had literally just started doing 3d a few weeks before) I recorded this album in my house with very little furniture and no carpets on the floor.  24 hours I remember very fondly...even if I can't remember the exact year lol.

It reminds me of how far I have came ..and to never forget where I started out.