Monday, 3 August 2020

GAEA - A Practical Guide (Gaea version 1.2 edition)

This is a brand new version of my popular tutorial video thats been updated and fully re-recorded for Gaea 1.2.  With over 7 1/2 Hours of video this covers every single node in Gaea with full explanation of what they do and many examples of how to get the best out of them.   ErosionStudio is also covered and the video comes with the many Gaea files created during the recording process.

It also features 2 main projects, a simple snowy mountain range and complex desert scene.

Perfect both for those new to Gaea who need to get up to speed fast, and for those with experience of Gaea who wish to update their knowledge of the new additions in 1.2.
Brought to you by Wayne Robson, an artist with over 25 years of experience working at very high levels in Films, TV, Games and private tutoring.

Those who have bought the old version in the last 2 weeks for todays date, will get this version free of charge.


The Interface
Primitives Nodes
The Post Process Stack
Adjustment Nodes
Filter Nodes
Warp Nodes
The Erosion Node (part 1)
The Erosion Node (part 2)
LookDev Nodes
Cartography Node
Light Node
Snow Ice and Floe Nodes
Data Map Nodes
Color Nodes
Output  & Utility Nodes
Erosion Studio

Simple Project  - Snowy Mountain Range
Main Project - Complex Desert Scene