Friday, 20 December 2013

Full Breakdown of the 'Phossy Jaw' shot from Ripper Street Series 2

Today Screen scene posted the full breakdown for the phossy jaw shot I worked so heavily on for Ripper Street Series 2.  It still remains one of the favorite shots I have ever done.  Also I put an immense amount of research into phosphorous necrosis of the jaw (its 'proper' name) as there are no surviving photos of the later stages of the condition itself post op.  So I was determined to make it as good as humanly possible. (People oftyen assume I just sculpt away and something 'cool' pops out and forget the massive research I do ..often outside of work time...before I sculpt even one stroke.)

3D Tracking was by that ninja of 3d tracking My mate Yanko Slavov and animation and other stuff by John O Connell and the comp was by the epic Joe Courtis.

As those of you who missed it at broadcast will see the stills don't do it justice I think its safe to say. ;)  For those of you that ity caused nightmares for (as I know there were a few) we apologize lol.