Monday, 18 November 2013

All albums now Live on spotify and amazon

All 3 of my recent albums are now live on Spotify and Amazon as well as iTunes.  A few of you had asked, so now you know.

On a side note the main site is getting hammered the last few days by a very 1990's style 'mail bomb' attack.  I didn't know anyone still did those.  But as even outside of email I am very easy to contact, its no biggy.  Just bare in mind that until this idiot (whoever they may be, or whatever motivation they think they have) that emails may not arrive as this nut job is filling up the mailbox by sending about 600 emails an hour.

I fly back home this evening from my month and a half here in Dublin, Where I get to spend until the 30th November before heading off to lecture at CAVE in las vegas.  A busy old time.