Monday, 24 August 2015

Painting: Danny JohnJules (Cat from Red Dwarf)

Danny John Jules Painting of the Cat

A painting from a few nights ago of a mate of mine, Mr Danny John Jules who plays the Cat in the British TV series Red Dwarf in character.  Its 60 cm x 50xm acrylics on canvas.  Now Danny has said he will sign this if someone buys it...oh...and that will occur at the taping of the next series of Red Dwarf.
...So if your a red dwarf fan maybe this is your thing?

I'm sticking a £200 (plus P & P) price tag on it, so if your interested ping me on twitter or Facebook.


The painting once bought would be mailed to you and then Danny would pass you details about attending the filming of red dwarf and getting it signed.  Feel free to check with Danny on Facebook or Twitter to ensure I'm telling you the truth.