Saturday, 3 March 2012

Durham Cathedral Exterior WIP

Work in Progress (about 1 /20th of the cathedral complex!)

Well it seems like a lifetime since I finsihed off the durham cathedral interior for FXPHD course MOD301 that I gave last year. But now about 4-5 months later its now time to get on with the exterior of the cathedral. This is no men task as the whole cathedral complex is massive and once you get a 300mm lens out you see detail that is not visible with the naked eye.

The bad side? I only have a week and a half to get it all done in before it has to be used in tehfinal few classes of the MOD302 3D digital environments course. Its the 1st time in ages I am geniuely crapping bricks it wont be done on time as usually I've give myself at least another week or two. but if this isn't done right it coud ruin the whole series of shots for the Joan of Arc short that FXPHD & mike seymour are making.

You know people ask me why I like using 3d max for personal stuff. Thats an easy question to answer, its got a lot of power and most of all the nitrous viewport... I hope neil hazard and the nitrous team are ready for it to be pushed to insane levels ;)

With a viewport like this its far easier to judge forms and lighting.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

FXPHD Interview & doc on my time as an escape artist

FXPHD / FXguide were nice enough to ask me for an interview a while back that they have just made live and you can watch it here:

...also for this I made a 22min documentary on my time as an escapologist. Until a couple of weeks back most people in 3D didn't have a clue about this and its safe to say there was a fair bit of interest in knowing more. So here is the full 'directors cut' of my short doc on my time as an escape artist. In some cases the footage is 27 years old and are the only copies that survive anywhere so this isn't the HD footage you may be used to.

I warn you it is a frank and often brutally honest look back at what I achieved and allows me for the very 1st time to put the record straight on something from over 23 years back thats been eating away at me all that time. So while to many of you in 3D thats not really those who knew me before 3D this allows me to right a wrong and put my side of the story for the 1st time.

I realise that as a result I may well get the piss taken out of me now every time I appear at a 3d or art event to lecture or demo, but you know what... I'm still proud of everything I did back then. This isn't the character I use to present the 3d videos I release, or the crazy version of me from my youtube videos, but rather the real me.... this is as personal as it's ever going to get.


Finally can show this a month and a half after I finished it

This is actually the Sanjay who runs the corner shop near me ;)

As the next issue of 3D Artist magazine is now on sale I can finally show this model I did a month and a half back. You may remember seeing a couple of early work in progress shots before it was pointed out that actualy I wasn't allowed to show it in this particular case before publication. Its safe to say that after that it went a bit further onwards.

It nearly drove me nuts having to sit on this for a month and a half and it was also one of the reasons I did the last wanted to show how something along similar lines (hence why they both have a jumper on....) Oh and there's a tutorial of mine in there as well.

Done using mudbox and 3dmax

So enjoy...

an iteration with no jumper

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Calling this final now....

ok calling this one done or I'll sit and tweak stuff from now till it'll do for a weekend doodle. It uses Three 4k maps (color, bump and diffuse) on high res model using couple of spot lights in 3D Max.

also this weekend (back on thursday night) produced this full 3D scene as well (so its been quite a productive weekend!)