Saturday, 31 August 2013

Wayne's Crazy Album Challenge: succeeded

I managed it, all be it with some drama last night at the last minute when the software I am using (which is Ableton LIVE for those interested, mostly stock install with only one or two plugins used for the production side) decided the very last day was a really good time to deactivate the license. Now I didn't notice this until I had done the final mix of the last song (most of which was recorded before I went to London for a few days). It also saw fit to make my plugins disappear as well, so I had to master it the more pain in the arse way for one.

 The actual time taken was 10 days (I had 4 days off) and spent the 7.30-11pm each night so 10 x 3 1/2 hours. If your maths isn't to hot that's 35 hours all in. I realize many come here and my youtube channel etc for the 3D stuff but its important to remember that my music predates my art by at least 20 years.

 For once it was something not done for or to help others but rather just for me. Its also safe to say I am going to have a short while away from recording 'proper' stuff after hot housing myself for 2 weeks every night. So here's the playlist of all 15 songs, and below it a video that explains what they each mean.


Monday, 26 August 2013

Waynes Crazy 'Create an Album in 14 days' challenge: Only One more to go!

I've had a productive weekend that's seen 5 songs wrote and recorded, this brings me up to 14 in 9 days working on 7.30 - 11pm at night on it.   For once I've wanted to do something just for me, not to help others, not to give things away, something just for myself and as a challenge to see if I could to it myself.  To me its very attractive that as opposed to my art, where people will always have expectations of both quality and content due to me being around 3D quite a long time.  With my music,which  have been doing since I started playing guitar aged 8, it doesn't come with any of that baggage.  So I can mix a few electronic songs, some electric ska, some classical, some rock even some thrash metal and dub step and no one bats an eyelid and says 'Oh noes!! You cant do that!!'

People who have known me very well since I was young stared to realize a couple of days ago that one or two of these songs have titles that reflect things from my own life.  Yep, guilty as charged.  Actually every title has a meaning of some sort, some I'll explain once the last song is done, others I'll leave private.  I have tll the 31st of This month to finish the last song, so I'm going o take my time with it and try and make it something special.... a l;east that's the plan.

Although as I am away on Wednesday and Thursday this doesn't give me a whole lot of time lol.  So here are the 5 tunes from over the weekend starting with the earliest to the last one.

This next one is NOT safe for work!