Tuesday, 22 July 2014

"This is Bat Country!" is now out on iTunes

Out now on iTunes!

iTunes Link

Well Apple were fast off this mark this time! As after only 48 hours after submitting the album its up on iTunes for you to buy now.   Spotify, amazon and other retail outlets will follow over the coming weeks  / days, 3D Creative magazine recently called me a 'polymath'...so support your local polymath.  

Buy it, listen to it, pimp the shit out of it.... after the many free things I have done over the years, maybe it'd be a nice gesture ;)

Monday, 21 July 2014

Music time again!

The cover of my next Album 'This is Bat Country!'
I now all you lovely 3D people may not be interested, but I'm announcing that the 1st of two music albums I've been working on will be coming out soon.  The 1st Entitled 'This is Bat Country!" (The title is taken from the works of a personal hero of mine Hunter S Thompson, and has special meaning to some friends of mine).  Its an album of electronic dance music similar to my album 'Fat Funky Bastard' but ...well lets just say a bit more advanced and angry sounding...rather cutting edge in some ways in fact.  It does feature my usual complex syncopation and love of musical layering and complex harmony....

Later in the year my next classical album will be coming out, but more on that closer to the time (as I've not finished it yet, in fact it continues to grow and expand by the week!)  So that will take my count of commercial albums up to 4 with the next one and 5 when the next classical album comes out.

I should point out that the electronic stuff is what I do to relax in between the classical composing.  I should also point out something that should be very obvious already unless your rather silly, and that is that neither of these two albums have any connection with my work or the company I work for.  This is my side line  / hobby outside of 3D.

Expect 'This is Bat Country!" to land on amazon, iTunes Spotify etc in about 3-4 weeks