Monday, 12 November 2012

My 1st new DVD in years is now out! Mudbox Master Vol 1 through CMI VFX

 Mudbox Masters Volume 1 

Yes this really is the Mudbox View port..and it hows you how to create images like this

4 years back when my last 'real' DVD was released I had swore I'd never do more, I'd been screwed over by one firm released through another and even self published .  Although some DVD's came out after this, they were simply repackaging the stuff I had done for my old on demand stream and in no way new or made for a DVD.  I have had offers come in fairly regularly, but have turned some down due to them offering to pay buttons, others as I was simply too busy with freelance gigs at the time or in some cases family stuff.  It wasn't until I worked out that it had indeed been 4 years that the itch started to return. A lot has changed in four years both in my art, myself and my career. So finally the time seemed right to release again.

So today CMI VFX release 'Mudbox Masters Vol 1',which as any good 'Volume 1' does, goes over the beginners stuff.  But I wanted to make the main project something a bit special so in this one you'll learn how to sculpt the liquid sculpt  that many of you may have seen of mine.  How to achieve that image shown  live in the Mudbox viewport, which is something that you definitely won't see on any other video anywhere. As I said, something different and something a little bit special.

This won't be a one off and other DVD's are planned going right up to highly advanced stuff.  Let's face it while I'm working over here in Dublin at Screen Scene as 3D lead on something very cool that  can't talk about I do have rather a lot of spare time on a night time.  Now on the negative side, every time any DVD of mine has came out over the last 12 years or so the main site always ends up getting hacked inside of 10 days after a release, so I fully expect someone to do so again. LOL

Now to those who had a damn good whinge last time I was releasing videos about me 'being everywhere and there not being space for anyone else'... You've had four clear years where most non DVD training I have done has been for other apps such as 3Ds max or Vue,I've kept pretty clear of Mudbox for quite some time on the video side. So play times over and you've had 4 years to release stuff lol.   So I'm back and I fully intend on kicking some tutorial arse over the coming months.
So go and buy the DVD as I did put over 48 hours worth of my old DVDs up for free for you guys earlier in the year...or was it last year I can't remember lol. But the point is.. now it's time for the new stuff.  Put your hand in your pocket as its less than the cost of a night you get to bitch to all your friends about how you can't stand my accent.  Now that's surely worth the price of DVD alone ;)

As an update on the job at Screen scene in my 3D Dept, 2 people have been chosen, the FX / Fume role is yet to be filled.  But!.... more 3d peeps are required so get your CV's and reels into screen scene. Just say Wayne sent ya ;)