Monday, 21 February 2011

Death, parts and animated lions

A good friend of my family died last week that I'd known since I was a small child, while its a very sad story I'll hold off on the details out of respect for everyone who is still greiving. Suffice it to say that Hilda helped me when my life was at its lowest back when I was homeless and was a really amazing woman. She was in her 80's when she died, but she probably had more vitality than most 16 year olds!

As she was cremated today and wouldn't be getting a headstone , I thought I'd make her a virtual one as I'm a big beliver that you give back to people with what skills you have.

The videos are still coming on Filter Foundry (in fact that reminds me I still have the rest to upload lol, I must start them away once this is done), and I trust your enjoying them. I have been asked to do some more so I'll definately try to when I have time, a bit more advanced this time, and maybe on software other than mudbox and othe than sculpting software for a change.

Also I had a quick mess around with a single 2k diffuse and normal map for a building parts kit (to stick in my models folder and be used to create anyone of a number of buildings and to be dragged out when needed), ignore the more obvious problems as this was only a way to warm up and fill an hour or two. The 'Mad in the Med' TV series starring Danny John-Jules that I've been working on the CGI for has been put back a month, so I'll give you a heads up on that one when the time comes. ( There's a full animated lion in there myself and Rob Angol who I brought in to handle the body rig did. I aslo recommended Sparkle media to handle the editing on the series.)

So next up will be a TV series that's already started on Sky that I can't name until just before the episode I worked on airs. If you have kept an eye on new TV series though you may have narrowed down the list a bit lol. This is something gory and photoreal I did.

As I type I'm just comping an anaimtion 'for me' with an old-ish model and its looking pretty nice so far.