Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Out with the Old / A Deleting spree!

For a seemingly intelligent man, sometimes I can be really, really bloody thick.... Chances are that if your reading this blog you've seen at lest 1 vid of mine somewhere (with a million hits on youtube and another 1.8 mill on vimeo its a fairly good bet as the 3d industry isn't that fucking big lol.) I've been upping videos, turntables and timelapses for bloody years, and up till tonight there were all still online. That didn't occur to me as stupid or wrong.

I just realised earlier today that this is a bit of a 'problemo' as it means more often than not peoples first (and maybe only) encounter with one of my models is probably going to be by the law of averages one of the ones I consider what is technically known as 'complete and utter shit'. Now, I can't take all the crap ones down as some of them are videos and timelapses that people rely on to learn not just mudbox but right back to the zbrush days as well.

So what was I to do? It wasn't as simple as deleting 99% of them and just keep the best ones up, as that would hurt those starting out that want to use them to learn from. So what I've done is to delete any dodgy turntables (otherwise known as 'turdtables') or animation's that I consider total shit and kept the vids people seem to like for learning purposes. Any old models regardless of software used to make it (as thats not an intention either, vids from both mud and zb have been deleted BTW) has gone the way of the dodo.

I would hope that people view the models in the existing tut vids and timelapses for what they are ...very,very old vids and models not up to the quality I put out now. Chances are all my old vids on veoh will get deleted tonight as wellas those were the very very early days and I dont want that stuff still haning around if I can help it.

So whats the motivation behind it? Simply put as a freelancer I cannot afford to have bloody old crap models of mine all over the damn net. Yes we all have them but I do seem to have thousands upon thousands of them covering over 10 years lol. If there is the slightest chance it may cost me a freealnce gig then they had to go.

So are the remaining timelapes and tuts safe? The jury is still out, as long as people seem to realise they are old vids I'll leave them up, but the moment it affects my income....down they go. Some will be getting deleted pretty soon as they are now no longer relevant (or in some cases due to application updated versions), technically correct. Some I may remake in modern version of the apps , some will be lost forever. But that depends on a lot.

There some changes coming for me this year, some obvious some not so obvious so its going to be an 'interesting' few months thats for certain.