Monday, 25 July 2011

Edgar Alan Poe Sculpt

I started this sculpt back in about april this year and it got mothballed for no other reason than being too busy to finish it. So there poor old poe stood on my drive with no hair for months along with about 70 other partly done models from april and march.

Unlike the others (as I often produce far more than I ever finish when working just for something for me) a little voice said to finish him off. So I did. Maybe I should dig around and see what else I feel like finishing off at some point. I'd love to get this one 3d printed just for my own amusement and to stick on my desk. I've always had a soft spot for caricatures.

On a side note I finally offically handed over ownership of yesterday, so its no good sending me emails about it as I no longer run it. This along with stopping the free tutorials and dvd's has taken a fair old bit of stress off my shoulders.