Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Stolen Camera Gear List

Some of you will have remembered that when in Holland I got my camera bag stolen outside the railways station in Almere's Music district. Well I've finally managed to round up the whole list and provided serial numbers where I can. So keep your eye open for this stuff as none of it was insured. Oh and if you do catch the thieving bastards who stole it..... pass on a few swift hard kicks from me.

A Hama camera bag containing:

Canon Remote
Sigma AF 30mm 1.4 EX DC lens (serial: 2105569)
58mm ND Fader filter

Sankor Anamorphic lens + custom made red lens and body clamps

3 x LP4 canon batteries for Canon 550D
Four 8GB class 6 memory cards (various makes)

Canon EOS 550D
Serial is one of these numbers I got from its original box I still have.....(not sure one which is the serial)
4463B009[AA] / 210732228383 / 216674036646

Numerous cables
Blue Old style canon EOS camera strap (very unusual!).
White gorilla pod tripod thingy