Monday, 26 September 2011

Cathedral:: Done

A small selection of the 15-18 shots I've been working on for this.

Thats it....

...all classes for FXPHD class MOD301 recorded and uploaded

... ready for rendering out, compositing, adding tracking data and color grading.

Its the most fun I've had in ages and the course has covered 3Dmax, Maya, Mudbox, Zbrush, Mental ray, renderman, enviroment modelling and sculpting, organic modelling (for another shot) and sculpting, texturing, lighting, shader set up, render setup, some tips and tricks and a shit load else.

The references were a lot of spy photos I took like James fucking Bond (as photography is not allowed at all in Durham Cathedral) and a shit load of on site pencil drawings I did. The only parts not put into this from Durham were the 9 altars area and the back altar screen 's lol). One day I may tell about a major event that went on in my life while I was making this that I've not mentioned...that is on top of my dad's emergancy triple bypass.

Which I dont think is too shabby for 10 x 45min weekly course videos. The final animation will look diffferent to this once the proper post and tracking data and live action elements are added. But its a good guide. So now for the 1st time in 6 months I have not a thing after a few days rest its back to hunting down some more freelance gigs.

Its been a pleasure to work on this course with Mike , John and the guys at FXPHD and hopefully the end result comes across with some of the enjoyment I've had doing it. Its also been nice to show I can do more than just monsters and hideous creatures.