Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Rant:: Stop with the crazy emails already!

It pains me to have to post another blog like this, but after the massive increase in the weeks following the last lot of vids of mine to be pirated we've had the usual influx of crap emails.

OK I'm going to say this one last time....

I've asked nicely (and sometimes a bit less than nicely) to please remember I am not a extended version of Autodesk's tech support for Mudbox. Do not send me emails about how your viewport suddenly has large floating pigs in it or you mesh exploded taking half your house with it. (Or indeed any variations of the above).

It is not my job.

My job is a freelance artist, tutor and sometimes author, I am not here when you cannot be bothered to read a help file or search Google. I am certainly not here to solve problems you may have after you've bid for a freelance gig you realise you have no idea how to do or as a allegedly faster version of Mudbox tech support.

I also do not want to hear about how lucky I am to be asked to work for free on an 'awesome project' of yours that pays nothing, has no one working on it and of course has you as director lol. As the joker said 'if your good at something you don't do it for free...' No artist worth their salt will work on a free project from someone without a good track record unpaid, and certainly not (if they have any brains at all) when the only person working on it is a guy no one knows who insists 'its awesome'.

If I do something for nothing for a person you can bet your arse they are either:

A - A friend

B - someone with a vast track record who I like both in their job and as a person.

C - it is to get a person from either A or B out of a hole they are in by no fault of their own.

D- they are famous lol

E - It's someone I know well

It will never be for:

A - someone I do not know

B - someone I have never met

C - someone with no track record

D - someone who wants someone else to do all the work on 'their awesome project'

E - Someone who wants to use a model of mine in a fan film as they are too lazy to make one themselves or hire someone to do it.

F - That coincides with one or more of the above as well as shortly after a DVD / book or whatever of mine has been pirated.

I do not care how amazing you think it is, I do not need the 'free publicity' as I'm more than capable of making as much of that as I need myself. I am aware you think your making the next big thing and you think it will be so totally awesome it'll make you a millionaire, but trust me when i say this...99.9% of the time it won't. I realise you think you are a special little snowflake but your not, your the same as everyone else. After 40 years on this earth thats become very obvious.

So stop with the emails already! Jesus its getting beyond a joke, if you cannot do something then do what the rest of us do ....and learn. If it is outside of your skill set and you don't have time to learn then be prepared to pay as you wouldn't ask any other profession to work for free so please for the love of god don't do it with me or artists like me.

So that's my very simple rules... respect them and you respect me, ignore them and expect an email telling you to fuck off (and that's if I'm in a nice mood....which most times its only fair to warn you..... I'm not lol).